Commercial Air Conditioning Repair and Service

Business owners know that the comfort of their workers can increase their productivity on the job. In Florida, this becomes even more important as during the summer months temperatures and humidity can increase to dangerous levels, rendering some working environments useless for portions of the day, and in some cases for months at a time. If your business is primarily run from a warehouse or other large workspace, think about how much more efficient your employees would be if they could work in a climate controlled environment. Not only does a more comfortable environment increase productivity, it also makes for a safer environment and happier workers, which can increase employee retention in businesses with a high turnover.

For those businesses that have an office environment, the proper heating and AC unit can help control temperature and humidity levels. Another important factor is Air Quality control, which is important for everyone's health. Healthier employees mean fewer sick days and a better quality of life. AmeriTech Air Conditioning and Heating is a licensed Air Conditioning Contractor in Orlando, FL. In addition to our residential AC repair business, we're the experts at creating custom work environments using the latest in HVAC technologies. For Businesses, we've put together a variety of Air Conditioning Solutions.


A/C Systems

AmeriTech can replace you're A/C unit, Heat Pump or Furnace. We are a full service A/C contractor providing skilled technicians and professional service at competitive rates. We are certified up to 20 tons.


AmeriTech offers three comprehensive maintenance programs each priced to offer the best service at a convenient price point. Maintaining your system is the key to longevity and efficiency.


AmeriTech is fully capable of maintaining and repairing your chiller units, walk in refrigerators and freezers, ice machines and cryogenic freezers.


We value service as much as anything in our business. AmeriTech has the highest customer service standards in the industry. We will respond promptly, professionally and as competitively priced as anyone in the industry.

Energy Efficiency

Whether it's changing a thermostat or upgrading your old out dated system with a new system we can assist you in lowering your energy bill.

Indoor Air Quality

AmeriTech can offer numerous services to upgrade the air quality in your home, including UV Lights, HEPA filters, dehumidification, coil cleaning and electrostatic filtration. Our goal is to provide you with safe, breathable air using the newest and best techniques available today.

Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Picking the right Air Conditioning system for your business is important. Why? In Florida, Air Conditioning systems are more of a necessity than a luxury in our businesses. Go to other places in the united states that have a more moderate climate and people expect only the most wealthy of businesses and homes to have air conditioning. Is it any coincident that the popularity of Florida as a place to live didn’t start to happen until the Air Conditioning was invented. For businesses looking to replace or upgrade an existing AC system, or add an additional unit to your home or business, AmeriTech can offer you a variety of options that cater to your comfort and budget requirements. AmeriTech offers a variety of systems including but not limited to:


  • High Efficiency Heat Pump Systems
  • High Efficiency Straight Cool Systems
  • Mini Split Systems (including ductless)
  • Portable Units
  • Mobile Home Units
  • Packaged Systems

Refrigeration Systems

Restaurants rely on their refrigeration systems to operate efficiently, but they’re not the only business that uses refrigeration to deliver their product to customers. Groceries, convenience stores and a lot of wholesalers rely on their refrigeration units to house their product until it’s time to deliver it into the hands of happy customers. A refrigeration system outage can be a disaster for a business. Not only can it mean the loss of product, for restaurants it can mean having to turn away customers. We’ve built our business on having one of the fastest response times available so we can get on site and troubleshoot your problem, and have your refrigeration system up and running as quickly as possible.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Programs for Business

The last thing business owners want to be thinking about is their HVAC systems. Assigning an employee to maintain your system is an option, but most businesses would rather have their people focusing on things that make money. Maintaining your Air Conditioning System is vital, so while a trusted employee could handle the upkeep, it’s a better option to have a professional in charge of system upkeep. Systems that do not receive regular maintenance break down more often, operate less efficiently and increase repair costs. AmeriTech Air Conditioning and Heating offers two Maintenance for Programs for businesses.

New Construction AC Installations

Looking for a partner to work with you on your construction project? AmeriTech Air Conditioning and Heating is a licensed Air Conditioning Contractor offering residential and light commercial construction including system modifications, remodeling issues, expansions and new construction. We can enter your project at any phase and make recommendations on the best Air Conditioning options for your home, office or development.