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Let’s face it. Most people don’t think about their AC system until it’s not working. Outside of simple things like changing your filter, there’s a lot you can do to keep your AC working for decades. Check here often to learn the best ways to handle maintaining your air conditioning system, with tips and tricks on troubleshooting and quick fixes that can save you a visit from the AC Repairman.

Learn How To Improve Your Air Quality

Let’s face it, not all air is equal. Most individuals spend an average of 90{553bc8191edd4b01030129def796956ca43d9aa202ebcc54ae7d0eebfd083838} of their time indoors, making the quality of air we breath on a consistent basis an important health factor.   AmeriTech Air Conditioning & Heat … Continued

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7 Things To Do When Your AC Is Not Working

Many times our AC units run without thought. You may adjust the temperature from time to time depending on our current stage of hot or cold, but typically they are set on On/Auto and left to do all the work … Continued

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