7 Things To Do When Your AC Is Not Working

Many times our AC units run without thought. You may adjust the temperature from time to time depending on our current stage of hot or cold, but typically they are set on On/Auto and left to do all the work themselves. While you should be able to depend on your unit in this way, it is also true that for these systems to run smoothly and keep you cool with ease that they will demand a little TLC every now and then.


However, this post is not intended for those of you dedicated to regular maintenance. It’s for those of us who have gone too long neglecting and have now hit the dreaded realization that your ever handy AC unit is “broken” and not turning on. Floridians specifically tend to hit panic mode if when cool air suddenly stops flow. But before you panic, know that there are a handful of things your can do to locate the problem or to get your AC up and running quickly.



1. Make sure it’s on


It sounds obvious, but many people hit panic before they check to insure that their unit is turned on. Just because you haven’t touched it doesn’t mean that your spouse, co-worker, roommate, kid, etc has fiddled with the switches.


2. Check the condenser


If your AC is running but not blowing cool air it could mean a blockage to your condenser. Locate your condenser (outside) and clear any brush, or noticeable clogs that may be blocking your unit and cool air flow.


3. Check the breaker


Sometimes electrical fuses blow and things shut off. Locate your fuse box in your home or office and flip the breaker switch for “Air conditioner.” If it is orange/red when you open the box and you are able to flip it back, you’ve likely found your solution. If you attempt to flip the breaker and it immediately kicks back, you may have a large problem such as the compressor.


4. Change the filter


Filters are one of the easiest get most forgotten maintenance tasks when it come to AC units. If it’s been more than a couple of months since you last changed your air filter, it’s could be the source of your poorly functioning unit. Get rid of your dirty and clogged air filter and update it with a new and potentially higher quality replacement.


5. Defrost Your Unit


If you suspect a frozen unit, immediately turn off your air conditioner and allow the unit to defrost. You can check the coils near the furnace for ice but do not attempt to clean by hand. Once the unit has been off for a decent amount of time, turn back on and time the air condition cycle. Once it hits thermostat settings, it should shut off. If the unit continues to run, there may be further damage.


6. Check for leaks


Minimal condensation is typically not cause for concern. But if your unit is pooling or leaking water is noticeable you may have located the source of your malfunctioning unit. To check if there is moisture to your unit, you can check the air filter for water. If it is at all wet, or if there are other noticeable leaks, you may have a broken pump or blocked drain hole.


7. Call a professional


If you were able to locate the source of your broken AC unit but need assistance on repair or if no issues where located during these do-it-yourself inspection tips, please call a professional. Ameritech is skilled in quickly and accurately accessing issues and repairing your unit in a timely manner.