Air Quality Control

Let’s face it, not all air is equal. Most individuals spend an average of 90{553bc8191edd4b01030129def796956ca43d9aa202ebcc54ae7d0eebfd083838} of their time indoors, making the quality of air we breath on a consistent basis an important health factor.

AmeriTech Air Conditioning & Heat puts a high priority on creating healthy environments and offers a variety of Indoor Air Quality solutions for your home and business. Air Quality control has been proven to improve overall health, reduce asthma and allergies, minimize harmful gases and pollutants, improve ventilation and cut long term energy costs.



We offer air quality control systems that include, but are not limited to, the following:


5 ” HEPA

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) is a an air filter system which meets a level of efficiency standards set by the US. Department of Energy. These, often vacuum-like filters, help trap the majority of airborne pollutants including mold, dander, grass, pollen and other microscopic allergens.


Electronic Air Cleaners

Electronic Air Cleaners (EAC) are essentially air purifiers; units plugged into the wall carefully constructed to keep your air clean. Equipped with permanent, low maintenance electrostatic filters that require 6 month cleanings these systems work to remove pollutants from the air you breath.


Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic filters use electrostatically charged filtration medias to attract microscopic particles and reduce air pollutants. Working in a magnet like fashion, this filtration system creates a safe static charge forcing airborne particles into the filter. These systems, like others, have greatly reduces asthma, allergies and respiratory symptoms associated with dust, dander, mold and pollen.


Media Filters

Media Filter Air Cleaners are replaceable filtration systems that work to collect pollutants and allergens within your home or office. When applied to you filtration or purification system these filters work to keep your air clean and pure insuring that the air your breath is healthy and free of toxins.


Electronic Ultraviolet Air Treatment

An alternative option to filters is an Electronic Ultraviolet Air treatment. The UV light is carefully installed in your air handler and will remain running, constantly purifying the air and reducing the buildup of debris, dust, allergens and mold in your air conditioner unit. This allows your system to run more efficiently and last longer.